My Badly Written Blog

14th August 2016

I haven't had much time to draw many badly drawn girls recently read more

22nd December 2014

Despite the previous night's marathon drinking session I didn't feel too bad. read more

20th December 2014

I spent nearly two hours on the train to Canterbury. I felt at home, not only was the train moving at the same speed as a Polish train, but a few Polish voices could be heard in the background. read more

21st October 2014

Everywhere I go recently I seem to be surrounded by beautiful women. read more

10th September 2014

The Accidental Interviewee

The evening was carefully planned (and in some cases overplanned; I had brought two pencil sharpeners with me and used neither of them). Dinner at 7pm, meet friends at the bar at 9:29pm, head for karaoke at 9:30pm. read more

27th August 2014

It's been a tiring weekend. Tiring in a good way, though. read more

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