Christmas 2014 - Day 4, The Christmas Party

I spent nearly two hours on the train to Canterbury. I felt at home, not only was the train moving at the same speed as a Polish train, but a few Polish voices could be heard in the background.

The hotel wasn't too far away from the railway station and I was soon checked in to my fancy hotel. My room was quite nice (and so it should be for the price), the view from my room wasn't exactly great (just the view of a roof).

I made good use of the tea tray and wireless internet in my room before going to MacDonald's for a pre-drink snack. The cheeseburgers weren't as good as Polish ones, or maybe they were just different.

For some reason I was expecting that our Christmas party would be in the hotel, so I was rather casually dressed when I went down to meet my colleagues in the hotel bar at 5pm. My plan was to return to my room before dinner and change into some smarter clothes. It didn't quite work out that way and I spent the whole evening feeling a little underdressed.

The hotel bar was suitably impressive (as were the prices). My first cocktail was egg nog, a proper Christmas drink. Then a Bellini (peach juice with some sparkling wine). Each cocktail cost about ten pounds. After a couple of rounds of cocktails we headed to a pub for another drink before going to the restaurant. I stuck with Christmas theme and had a mulled cider, which was probably a good thing as a lot of the alcohol had been "cooked off."

The dinner itself was rather nice, at the Ask (Italian) restaurant. First course, some butterflied prawns, main course was duck and the dessert was a rather nice cheesecake with honeycomb. A few glasses of wine helped the meal go down. Dinner didn't take long, so afterwards we had time for a few more hours of drinks. I decided not

Back at the hotel we decided to have some cocktails as a nightcap. I had this rather yummy banana rumba. It was well after midnight when I finally got to bed. I put a glass of water by my bedside as an essential hangover prevention method ready for the next morning.


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