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30th June 2014

Day 3

The day started with a hangover. Breakfast consisted of tea, marmite on toast and paracetamol. read more

19th June 2014

After tea and toast for breakfast, it was time to go off for a quick walk into town (which didn't take long as Eastbourne town centre has only forty or so shops packed into a very small area). read more

18th June 2014

I woke up fairly early (at around 6am) to finish packing, make myself lunch some and generally prepare for the off. The rest of the day was to involve a certain amount of sitting around read more

1st June 2014

Television plays a relatively small part in my life. I do have a television in my room, but the only thing plugged into it is DVD player, live television is a rare treat for me. Apart from watching my treasured collection of Friends DVDs this only leaves me with the internet. read more

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