I'm a creative soul at heart. I love to draw, I love to write. But I rarely do much of either. Hopefully this website will give me the motivation to do more of both.

Why "Badly Drawn Girl"? I started drawing about ten years ago and, to be honest, some of my drawings were not good. Explore my archives to see. Creating a likeness of someone, especially someone famous, is one of the hardest things you can do in drawing. 

During my brief stint at art college we were instructed to keep a visual diary in a sketch book. I would carry it practically everywhere and draw anything and everything that inspired me. When I didn't have my sketch book with me I would draw on beer mats or anything else that came to hand.

Eventually I got pretty good at drawing people (well let's be honest about this.. girls specifically). As the years rolled by I drew less and less. Another muse has been met, let the drawing resume...