Christmas 2014 - Day 5 Canterbury

Despite the previous night's marathon drinking session I didn't feel too bad.

Having a few glasses of water in the morning certainly helped. It wasn't until I started walking in the direction of the restaurant for breakfast that I began to wonder how much alcohol was still in my system. Those of us who were staying in the hotel after the party had arranged to meet at 10am for breakfast, thinking that half an hour would be plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast. All three of us opted for the Full English breakfast, in the hope that it would fill us up for a few hours at least. The breakfast was tasty enough but a little on small side. Unfortunately due to the slow service we weren't able to take advantage of the buffet as the waiters started clearing the buffet items away before we'd even finished.

I decided to go exploring round Canterbury. It wasn't the best of weather and I was soon reaching in my bag for extra clothing to help keep me warm. After a visit to the Norman castle and a walk along the riverside I had a wander around. Canterbury is indeed a historic city and there were plenty of ancient buildings dotted around. Conditions for photography weren't exactly ideal with the city under a heavily overcast sky. I didn't even bother getting my proper camera out of my bag. A few hours of walking had given me a bit of an appetite. I popped into to Boots for some sandwiches which were approaching their eat by date and a couple of bottle of diet Cherry Coke. Back at the hotel I managed to do a couple of hours work before getting bored.

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