Find The River

My hasty departure from Kielce caused me a certain amount of stress. Finding somewhere to live was the first hurdle.

There are simply too many properties available in Kraków. I was faced with a bewildering choice. Luckily the field was narrowed down by my choice of location. It had to be in the centre, if didn't exactly have to overlook Rynek Główny, but anywhere that more than twenty minutes walk from where all the action happens was struck off the list. After scouring through hundreds of adverts I struck upon a definite maybe. A large room, big enough for two or even three people. Only one possible catch at the bottom of the advert was written (in Polish of course though), "Gentlemen over 40 need not apply". I answered the advert saying that "I am little bit over forty, but look younger." Luckily age discrimination didn't come into play and I arranged to view the room, praying that somebody else wouldn't beat me to it (provided, of course, as my flatmate jokingly wrote that I really do look under 40).

Anyway, to cut a long and possibly interesting story short; I am now a resident of the historic city of Kraków. Previously it was a city familiar to me only from my holidays there with Kasia. Now, I can look forward exploring the place. Like London it has plenty of tourists, plenty of events a river running through it. Luckily there aren't too many other similarities, Kraków isn't a giant sprawling metropolis that saps all your energy. It has it's own airport too, which will turn out to be a useful bonus in the future. Of course, the majority my friends are still in Kielce, but even then I still managed to get two party invites for my first evening here.

My new flatmate is ensuring that I am getting a crash course in Polish conversation (we will speak English only on alternate weeks). I am confident that my waistline will diminish now that I have a healthy diet (cheese is strictly frowned upon in this household) and my exploration of the city will help me burn off any calories that I do ingest.

So, to sum up, with regards to Kielce and my many friends there, I'll miss you... if you would all kindly move to Kraków then my life would be complete ;)

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Sunset in Kielce
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Hotel Forum just over the river from me. The scene of a memorable day's paintballing and revelry.
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Some sort of symbolism in there, don't know what exactly
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The tethered balloon has moved to a slightly less salubrious setting on the other side of the river

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